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The Challenge

 Many have never heard of the name “Albaad”, yet that has not stopped its advancement as a global company with a strong financial base, and the third-largest wet-wipe producer worldwide.

What motivates a non-woven textiles tycoon to wake one morning, come to our studio and ask us to rebrand his company?

While Albaad was perceived as a stable, strong company, it was invisible to the media. In terms of its marketing messages, the company was in disarray, with various names and logos featuring on its different sites.


Albaad was perceived as a “wipes giant”, even though its capabilities and its future plans were very diverse.

Under these circumstances, Albaad understood it would be difficult to maintain its strong market position among competitors, and it risked losing the opportunity to expand and develop into new markets.

The Solution

Based on our in-depth research and strategic planning, we updated and perfected the brand promise:

“Providing innovative solutions to the toiletries, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries.”

From this promise, we designed a brand experience that is clean, fresh, pure and caring, while preserving the company’s strength and stability.

The new logo draws its inspiration from mountains and water.

Mountains symbolize stability, strength and power, while flowing water symbolizes flexibility, freshness and renewal.




Brand architecture:

In order to consolidate the global brand, we initially proposed the following brand architecture:

albad_5_670x400Eventually it was decided to omit the location beneath the logo, and to build one huge international parent brand.

Photographic language:

We created a photographic language from paired images that resemble one another in form. An image of clean, timeless and abundant nature juxtaposed with an image of people interacting in everyday situations conveyed a sense of well-being.







Albaad has become a globally recognized brand, and is today perceived as a strong company with considerable positioning.



Numerous leading cosmetics companies have turned to Albaad for their products.

The company has enjoyed double-digit growth year after year. Between the start of the rebranding process in 2009 and the end of 2012, the company has doubled in size.

Exhibition stand before re-branding

albad_12_670x450 ‬

Pictures from the PLMA 2011 exhibition